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Water is a good that will become one of the most valuable assets for humanity. Protect water and its use means protection of life.

This project has the goal of creating educational and cultural exchanges taking as inspiration the theme of water as a common meeting ground between different cultures. Intercultural dialogue can then be developed on two channels actually shared, the artistic language and the protection of a common good that becomes the theme, artistic and educational environment. The water, as a geographical-cultural study and as a source of artistic inspiration, becomes an excuse to think and to create professional exchanges, providing an opportunity for young artists to increase their skills in the different artistic languages such as music, dance and multimedia.

The dialogue between artists of different cultures is also developed through the development, protection and use of eco-friendly material that will also be a constituent element of the final performances that will be held in Italy and Turkey.


CULTURES AND WATER CARRIERS 2012 - Sunday December 16th 2012 11.00 a.m. MINISTRY OF TURKISH CULTURE T.C. Teatro Belli (Belli Theater) Via Sant’Apollonia 11/a (Trastevere)

Join us to celebrate the end of the europen project.

Nov 28 2012

22nd of November

Cultures and water carriers at Liceo italiano di Istanbul Özel Italyan Lisesi - Tomtom Kaptan Sokak No:3 - 34453 Beyoglu - Istanbul

In the morning, presenting the show "ALL THE RIVERS FLOW INTO THE SEA THAT NEVER FILLS UP..." Afternoon Italian and Turkish artists held workshops open to students.

Nov 3 2012

New section fo the site

follow us in the photo gallery, and meet the artists

Sep 16 2012

14 agosto bologna Italy

... and the river continues to flow ...

Jul 27 2012

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by artists on the video Gallery

Jul 10 2012


A tribute to water through dance music and images

Jun 20 2012


The promo of the italian artists!

Jun 18 2012

Turkish auditions

The auditions of the turkish artists!

24 Mar 2012


The first auditions of the italian artists!

20 Feb 2012

New site

We are online with the new site!

Here we are on line with the new site, where you can follow the experience of young artists selected for this project of intercultural dialogue between Italy and Turkey and with the contribution of Corsica. The new site will put you in direct contact with artists of the blog where you can follow their path and share the experience!

01 Feb 2012

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Probably we are looking for you

We are looking for dancers, musicians, video artists and set/ costume designers for participation in the co-­-financed, by European Union and the republic of Turkey, project. "Cultures and Water Carriers".

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01 Jan 2012